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Marketing Strategy Meeting

Free of Charge

We highly recommend starting your BreezeBlock experience with a marketing strategy meeting. It gives us the opportunity to meet face to face and discuss your current marketing strategies and what you envision for the future of your company.

During your marketing strategy meeting we can work together to identify your target goals and discuss the ways we can adapt or refresh your current marketing campaigns to help you achieve them.

At a mutually agreed location, we’ll meet (for about an hour) and explore the many features we offer that can work for you.

We offer this meeting free of charge so that we can truly tailor our services to your needs to produce the best possible results for your theatre company. When the offer’s this good – what’s to lose? 

Things to think about before your Marketing Strategy Meeting

  • How do you currently view your theatre’s marketing techniques?

  • Who is your current target audience and are you looking to change or expand this demographic?

  • How successful is your online presence?

  • What do you think you need help with?

  • Is there an area you would like to focus your marketing on? e.g. more auditionees, ticket sales, more interest from potential creatives, etc.

We’re Here To Make Your Theatre Marketing a Breeze!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation, Thinking Outside the Square & Sheer Determination

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