Linda Shevlin

The Crystal Palace

12.12.14 - 21.12.14

Erected in Hyde Park, London, the Crystal Palace housed some 100,000 objects relating to culture and industry from 15,000 International contributors for the Great Exhibition of 1851. It was destroyed by fire in 1936.

In The Crystal Palace a series of objects collected from a ruined mansion in Ireland are housed behind glass in the gallery at Breezeblock, addressing both the site's relationship to the 19th century arcade-like structure, and the overlapping semiotics of exhibition and shop displays. Exposed to a physically transformative process these crystallised objects are akin to the processes by which monuments or relics are historicised, memorialised and mythologised.

Linda Shevlin is a visual artist and curator based in Co. Roscommon, Ireland. Her projects look at the complexities of modernity’s effects on land and the socio-cultural landscape of her environment. Her recent work has drawn attention to the role that certain historical/mythological tropes and characteristics have played in popular culture. Using exhibitions, film, and installations she creates situations that explore the borders of fact, fiction and reality.