Contemporary Fiction

17.01.2014 - 09.02.14

Ron Adams
Lucas Davidson
Emily Hunt
Tom Polo
Giselle Stanborough

Curated by Elizabeth Reidy

Presenting works inspired by literary novels, post apocalyptic science fiction, and self-help books, Contemporary Fiction explores the way the written word shapes and reshapes our thoughts and actions.

Visual artists conceptualise covers for fiction books that have resonated in their practice or life.

Book Club will be held in the breezeblock reading room with each of the artists discussing their chosen texts.

Book Club Dates:

Self Help Sunday
2 February at 3pm
Giselle Stanborough discussing He’s Just Not That In To You, by Liz Tuccilo and Greg Behrendt & Tom Polo discussing Confidence Boosters, by Martin Perry

Sci Fi Saturday
8 February 3pm
Emily Hunt discussing The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, by Phillip K Dick

Literary Sunday
9 February 3pm
Lucas Davidson discussing To The Lighthouse, by Virginia Woolf & Ron Adams discussing The Vivisector, by Patrick White.