Anne-Laure Franchette

12.12.14 - 31.12.14

Pal Take Me Away

Installation and zine launch

French born artist Anne-Laure Franchette studied in the UK, lived in Italy and is currently based in Switzerland. She is part of the London based collective DUPE.

Throughout her travels she reflected on what constitutes her own identity in terms of class, education, gender and nationality. She has also been keen to investigate European heritage and a collective construction of stereotypes and projections. Informed by the history of colonialism and the development of tourism she has been looking at icons and aspirations created by the discoveries of far away lands, presented as both wild and found paradises.

Being involved in small-press and in self-publishing, the idea of editing or framing information is at the core of her practice. She is also particularly interested in revisiting craft techniques and minor arts, questioning their place in the classification of arts, playing and mixing up the materials associated with each technique.

The installation “Pal Take Me Away” showcased at Breezeblock is an illustration of her current exploration of the stereotypes and symbols of exoticism. Found stock images are edited and framed in a conscious process of editing. Inspired by the trompe l’oeil fresques of Italian palaces, whose fake windows opened on fantasy landscapes, she will present octagonal windows opening on a blinkered vision.